Guidelines disappear behind wall

Hello, I am new to Sketchup and am in the process of learning its features. I am on the third tutorial which focuses on designing a room. When I measure guidelines for the first wall, I have absolutely no problem. When I navigate to the adjoining wall and use the tape measure to set up guidelines, the guidelines disappear behind the wall. I can see the guidelines above and below the wall so I know that they’re there - I just can’t see them on the wall. I’ve checked the view box and have done some of the other suggestions without any luck. I’ve also emailed customer support, but I can’t get an answer. I’d appreciate any help with this problem.

Thank you

Please save and share the SKP file so we can see it and tell you what needs fixing. Otherwise we’re guessing.

[Guidelines disappear.skp (21.8 KB)

You need to get into the habit of orbiting around your model to look at what is going on. Your guideline doesn’t appear on the wall because you placed it out away from the model.

Where do you want the guideline to be? Which line did you start the guideline from?

Hi Dave,

I measured from the inside edge of the wall. I don’t understand how I could have placed it outside of the wall. When I did the first two guidelines on that wall, it worked. I tried another guideline and it disappeared behind the wall. I then deleted all guidelines and tried again but no luck.

Is this where you want?

Since faces have no thickness, it might be easier to orbit around to the outside and place it where you want it. The guideline will show in the inside, too, if it is on the surface.

I actually want it on the wall to the left. The dark gray wall. I measure from the edge and can only see the guidelines above and below the wall. Not through it.

How far do you want it from the corner?

Make sure you are seeing the green line trailing the cursor. As I said you need to get in the habit of orbiting around your model. Sometimes changing the viewpoint makes it easier.

I wanted to set several guidelines: 50" from the wall, then 30" and then 18". I didn’t see the green line when I measured on that wall. How can I get it there?

Make sure you are moving the cursor parallel to the green axis. You might find it easier if you orbit the camera so the green axis is going across the screen more.

Ok. This is kind of odd. If I measure from th left side of the wall, the guidelines appear. But if I measure from the right side, they don’t show.

I measured from the right and they showed up. It’s just something that will take practice. Try moving the camera. Or orbit around to the other side and do it from there. You’ll be able to see the green axis.

You can also start dragging out the guideline and then hit the left cursor key to lock it to the green direction.

thank you so much for your help – I think I might be getting it!

Practice, practice, practice and then, practice.

And then ask @DaveR again when you mess up :smiling_imp:


Ha! I will!

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