Guide line


A question for the guides lines, when I draw a guide line of 15.5mm
and that I divide this figure by 2 it does not work, if it is an integer without a comma the guide line is positioned at half. >> (example 15.5 / 2) nothing happens and (15/2 the quide line is placed at half)
What is going on ?
can we improve this little problem?
thank you

The value box does not actually do arithmetic, but it can parse and reduce fractions. A decimal value followed by / and another number isn’t s well-formed fraction.

Do it in two steps.15.5 enter then /2 enter.

Edit: Sorry need to correct that as it only works as an array with the move tool. So starting with a guide selected ctrl click with the move tool, move in the direction you want, type 15.5 and hit enter followed by /2 enter.

thank you for your answers, but that’s not the answer I expected.
I explain myself better, when I use guide line and I enter the box a number (example 200/2 it works well and when I enter 200.5 / 2 it does not work the quide line returns to zero)
I tried in two steps it does not work.
with the move tool I know how it works!
So can not we improve this little flaw by the sketchup service?
So I found a little trick j 'between the number * 10 so it’s integer and I divide it by 20)
Example: I need half of 15.5, I enter the box 155/20 and I get half of what I want.
Does anyone else have a quicker find?
See you soon for your answers.

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Is it possible that the settings you have only allow 1 decimal place? That would mean that the 0.5 cannot be halved?

Exactly, Sketchup divides only integers.
So now I make a multiplier by 10 and after I divide it by 20 in the window of measurements.
it makes my life easier.
See you soon and thank you for the delay of my answer.
Exact, Sketchup divise que des entier.
Alors maintenant je fais un multiplicateur par 10 et après je le divise par 20 dans la la fenêtre des mesures.
cela me rend la vie plus facile.
A bientôt et merci pour le retard de ma réponse.