Calculate in measurement box not working properly

When i want to draw a line of say 50mm i can enter 100/2 into the measurement box. SU will then draw a line of 50mm lenght. If ienter 100,2/2 SU will draw a line of 100,2 and not 50,1mm
Ì often use this function when moving objects in the middle of something. A simple 2d example:
I have 2 squares on some horizontal distance apart. I want to put a third square in the middle between the first two.
I first move the 3rd square against the left one, then pick it up on the right corner and move it against the right one. I see the move lenght in the measurements box. I can now enter the lenght value /2 and SU will put the square in the exact middle.
This will only work with integers not with fractions. Why is that?
I also cannot find how to use the * sign when i want to double or triple distances.
100/2 results in 50mm
100,2/2 results in 100,2mm
100*2 results in “invalid lenght entered”
Can someone explain this?

It’s a side effect of the fractional system that is used in some countries.
(One can enter fractional measurements in a metric template as well as viceversa)
SketchUp doesn’t parses calculations in the measurements box.

The ‘Measurements’ field only accepts values, no calculations are made!

This is not a bug.

Click in sequence on the scene tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Moving an object in the middle of two other objects.skp (211.8 KB)

This solution works.
Still strange that copy supports the /2 with fractions and Move / lenght do not.
Thanks for the answer!
Kind regards

It works with both (move copy and move) but as you have found out only with integers.
Consider the ‘Measurements’ field not doing any calculations (except for the rare case of integers)

It woud be nice if one could copy calculation strings straight into that field with [Ctrl+c] and [Ctrl+v]

This is normal since when you copy you ask for whole number of copies or intervals.

It makes no sense to ask for two and a half copies for example.

However, I agree that having the possibility to enter mathematical expressions in the Measurement Window could be useful sometimes. This could save some extra steps,

An exemple is designing a stair. Imagine that you have a height difference of 9.5 feet between two floors. You could type 9.5/16 to get the height of one step if you want 16 steps.

As it is actually you have to create a vertical line of 9.5 feet then divide it in 16 segments and then use one of these segments to create one step. It is not very complex but it just takes a bit more time.

You can also use a plugin like the Engineering Toolbox that offer the capability to design stairs.

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