Guide Line without point


is it possible to create the guides like this, without the guide point.

How to do this kind of stuff.

Yes, with a plugin that converts edges into construction lines. (Can’t recall the name).

The inference engine finds them. Not the tail of a guidepoint.

is it Daiku’s Convert Construction line or something else

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Yes, that’s the one I mentioned.

added: construction line by daiku

There’s another that works differently but achieves the same result - CLineTool.rb.

AFAIK not in either Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation Plugin Store. It used to be obtainable from but the download link there is not working.

Here’s the file: clinetool.rb (12.9 KB)

Copy the file into your Plugins folder, then restart Sketchup. It appears in the Draw menu as Construction Lines. I set up a shortcut to it - Shift+L.

You can directly draw guidelines, with an option to toggle endpoints on or off - tap the Option key (Mac) or Alt key (Windows) to invoke the toggle.


Thank you all…