Grouping pdf floor plan as an image file

Hi, as a new user I really appreciate all the help and support from everyone so far.
I imported a floor plan as an image for tracing to create a model, but when i placed it in a group it did not seem to work correctly when i zoom in, i wondered if there is a better way to switch it on and off, or should it be in a sub group ?

25thmodeld.skp (232.9 KB)

What we are seeing in the image you posted is Z-fighting, the floor of your model is occupying the same location in space as your imported PDF. SketchUp cannot decide which one to show you so it shows both. You will need to hide the floor of your building for the PDF to occupy that space without shimmering. Best to assign your tracing map it’s own tag for easy visibility control. What @pbacot wrote about keeping your imported PDF as an image rather than texture will make it not disappear when editing other groups/components. Here are more tricks for this work.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain the problem, much appreciated, also suggestion to use a colored edges makes it much easier now to trace over the image.

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