Tracing a floor plan

I have imported a floor plan and have exploded it and adjusted the measurements.

I know need to trace the lines. I find it hard to see what lines I have traced (the floor plan us rather complicated). Is there a way of making the line tool lines thicker or making the lines in my imported jpeg weaket? Or is there some other trick.

Thanks for all previous help in this forum. It’s great to have you!

I can think of some tricks for this. But I wonder why you are tracing over lines you already have modeled, can you explain your use a bit so that the answer will suit you? Why not use the lines you have or just delete the ones you don’t want to leave the ones you need?

EDIT: Apologies, I just noticed that you wrote imported jpeg. I was confused by you saying you had exploded the import which led me to believe that you were dealing with raw geometry. You should not necessarily need to explode the imported jpeg to trace over it.

One quick trick is to switch to a style that has colored edges. Or simply modify the current style to make edges a color. Here I edit the current style to set edges to red. A further trick is to turn on X ray mode View>FaceStyle>Xray, which will quickly make the jpeg semi transparent and make your new lines easier to distinguish.

Also assign your jpeg to a separate tag so you can toggle it on and off easily, this helps to check your progress and spot errors.

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I have imported a floor plan as a jpeg (photo). The lines are on the image - not in SketchUp. I have to trace the lines of the image with my line tool to ”model” them. I will then delete the jpeg image. It’s a short cut for not having to draw the Sketchup floor plan from scrach with measurement. A little less accurate, but ok for interior decoration

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PS! I cannot delete the image, but not part of the image/individual lines of the image

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Jag har ändrat mitt svar när jag såg att du pratade om en jpeg

Thanks. Will try your suggestions next week and probably be back to you. Not sure I know how to change a style and be back.

There is also a setting in [menu]SketchUp->Preferences->Open GL and enable “Use Maximum Texture Size”
( the Preferences panel on Windows is under [menu]Window)