Trace paper drawing


Is it possible to trace a jpg file?
I have a paper template that I would like to use to create my porch swing in Sketchup.



Sure. Here’s a recent thread:


There are some others, search for trace.



One tip: if you trace a dark image, change the edge color in the styles settings to a high contrast one (e.g. cyan, red, …).


In addition to Cotty’s excellent suggestion, if you don’t already have Profiles set to something greater than 1, temporarily make them thicker. They’ll be easier to see as you trace the drawing.

See also this old thing:


I think I understand the tracing part, its getting it on the right access that I am struggling with.

Is there somewhere I can upload my project (just has my first image and my trace of it. It is actually a 1x6 laying flat, I need it to stand up, there would be 4 of these evenly spaced that the seat rails would screw to.



Mike, I just sent you a message. I’ll help you “live” if it works for you.



Why not upload it here, you’ll find the upload button in the editor: