Best way to trace profile?

I am currently trying to trace a profile

So i am wondering what is the best way to take this profile as acurate and easy as possible over.
Found [this tutorial] (, but i am afraid if i do it like that it will not be so accurate (curves and angled lines are hard to take over precise…)
What will be the best way to do this?

Draw it in Illustrator (or something else that will allow you to create a vector) then export the paths as dfx/dwg and import into sketchup as paths.

You will need to further segment the curves if you want them smoother but thats easy to do.

Why trace it at all? You have plenty of information to draw it accurately using the given dimensions.

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Good idea! THX :slight_smile:

here’s a worthy thread to read…


I would bring the image into SketchUp as an image and stand it up in the background for a reference.

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cool! Did you just do that? Looks accurate…
Got the image standing up to trace it together with the info/dimensions.
however i am not a technical drawe, so:

How do i draw the arcs? For example if i start with the top, it says 24 to specify the dimension and R200 to specify the curve. So how would i draw that in SU?

Yes. I did just draw it from your image. It should be accurate since I used the dimensions that were given.

Can’t send now. I’m away from my computer.

cool! So if you want to send it i would apriciate it a lot!

Show us yours first. :wink:

rails profiel 2.skp (41.2 KB)

This is my result from tracing it last time.

That’s not too bad. What did you get when you just drew it using the supplied dimensions?

Nothing yet; how do i draw the curves? It says 'R2 'left under in the drawing for example; so that probably means radius 2 (mm?)
EDIT: Will give it a try tomorrow!

Yes. That’s what it means. I would work with units set to meters instead of millimeters. Scale down after you’ve got the shape drawn. For most of the arcs I used the Arc tool not the 2-Point Arc. I did use the 2-Point Arc tool for the 2R one at the bottom corner.

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