Using downloadable profiles

When using downloadable profiles what type of file would I use? Options are .pdf, .rvt, .dwg, .dxf.

What kind of profiles are you talking about. Profiles of what?

Most likely I would think .dwg or .dxf would be appropriate. It depends on what they are and how much detail you need, and how they will be used once you get them into SketchUp.

I’m a woodworker trying to create cabinets/ built-ins for customers so I need to download trim profiles from my local lumberyard and use them in my drawings.

So molding profiles. If they will supply .dxf or .dwg files for their molding profiles use them. Use the imported CAD files as references, though and draw your own profiles from them. Very often that sort of thing will have way more detail than you need for the way it’ll be used. Read that as way too many edge segments in curves. Using them as they come will probably bloat your model files without benefit.

You can easily trace image file formats too- jpg, png, pdf etc. Most can be done with just straight lines and arcs. Set arc segments to 6 or 8 max as Dave says. Any more than that is overkill unless you’re going to export close up views of just the mo(u)ldings.
You could ask your local yard if they’d mind you tracing their whole chart and posting the results to the 3D warehouse. I’ve done this with a couple of our suppliers. (Search for Mansfield Timber if you’re curious.) I did that one a long time ago- before I knew how to draw curves properly!

Jono makes a good point. It’s not difficult to trace imported images. .jpgs or .pngs will work. SketchUp on Windows won’t import .pdfs. My reason for suggesting the CAD files is you would at least get snappable points to anchor your drawn geometry to.

As he wrote, keep arc segment counts low. That’s part of what I was getting at in my previous post.

Ok so I have my profile on my page but can’t push or pull it is there a way to do that?

It depends on how you’ve created the profile. Push/Pull and Follow Me require a face to extrude. Do you have a face?

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and give you help without guessing.

Ok just give me a few I’m new at this and I have to figure out how to share the file.

Save the file and drag it into a reply. The file extension is .skp.

Add multiple images

[WM163 (1).dxf|attachment](upload://6BUTAESgDUq9huNz6EHyJF3KMol.dxf) (170.2 KB)

I sent you the profile im trying to push pull.

The file didn’t attach.

WM163 (1).dwg (93.3 KB)

SketchUp has the build-in functionality called 'Weld-edges" (used to be a seperate extension). Select the curves you want to look smooth and rightclick on the selection and choose ‘Weld edges’.
Because of the enormous edge count after the dwg import and depening on the use in the working model, you might want to lower that down.
Simplify Contours is an extension that reduces the curves.
Download here:
After installing, you will find it in the [menu] Extensions

One still has to draw one edge to create a face, off course.

In this gif, the needed profile is cut to the clipboard, the higher levels erased and then pasted.
if you set the import to Autocadfiles (.dwg,.dfx) you can drag in the dwg’s directly in the SketchUp model.
repeat and rinse for all:)