Will trace extension trace a JPG file?

will trace extension trace a JPG file ? I can’t get the mouse to do all that stuff ! LOL

Maybe use fredoSpline-Bezier extension for make contour by hand?

What “trace extension” are you talking about?

The image you posted is of such low resolution, I expect you’d get a pretty lousy tracing from any automatic tracing utility.

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Okay will add it to my pile of Extension’s I have for ! doing 3D printing ! . . Thanks

You’re welcome.

FWIW, Inkscape does a nice job with this task.

  • Open the jpg in Inkscape
  • Click on Path > Trace Bitmap
  • Adjust Preferences
  • Delete the original jpg image
  • Save As DXF
  • Import DXF into Sketchup

Here’s a link to an Inkscape help video


outlined jpg.skp (85.1 KB)

Hmm… Is it nice job?

It will take longer to correct these contours than to outline them with their curves in SketchUp.

Can you show me how you did that ?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any movie making software
but use the F-spline type, for the inexperienced it is the best choice, the spline runs through the control points, just click where you want the contour to run, In sharp corners end the spline and start a new one from the end point. To correct any shortcomings, use the editing tool. Click the control point and move it to the right place, The smaller curvature need the points to be closer

LOL you picture of your Sketchup looks like mine gobs of Icons ! Seems I have Sketchup make 2016 and the update to the items needed delete a gob of my Icons so had to undo the upDate and re do a lot of the Extensions . . So will see what I can do with BMP trace extension ! . . I do have a REAL old Pad to trace with . . Glad i have updated my Latop to I5 and 16 gig of ram .