Group with specific orientation arrayed on ellipse

I have been using SketchUp for quite a long time (nearly 20 years) and until recently, I have been able to find workarounds and extensions for just about everything. My career has changed in the past couple of years and I am doing a lot more design work for plasma cut signs and such. I am currently working on one such project now, and I am nearly done, with the exception of placing some horseshoes around the edge of an ellipse. I need these to be evenly spaced and to remain the size and orientation relative to center of the source component. I have tried several different methods and plugins but nothing seems to be doing the job.
I start with the source horseshoe component positioned and oriented the correct way relative to center, and I keep ending up with something similar to this:

The horseshoes are all oriented differently, and are facing the opposite direction of the source component. What am I doing wrong here? Or is this an issue of just using the wrong plugin?

Might I ask which plug-in you are using?
It would also be helpful if you posted the .skp file.

Do you want the horseshoes arranged at equal angular spacing or equal distances along the ellipse perimeter?

And how have you drawn the ellipse? A scaled circle, or using a plug-in?


Remember about the correct position of the origin in the horseshoe component

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You’ll find several options discussed in this thread.


This will scroll the topic Box linked to, to the two posts that most apply to your needs:

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Unfortunately, I cannot post the .skp as it is for a client. However, the plugins I have attempted to use are a combination of Bezier Spline and Path Copy. I finally did get this to work the way I wanted it to by (of all things) creating a group of the horseshoes with the spacing that I wanted and using a combination of True Bend plugin and manual adjustment to wiggle them into place.

I tried this method, but for some reason, the horseshoes still distorted as I scaled the circle they were attached to.

Sounds like you also selected the horseshoes before scaling.

I’m having trouble getting the glue part to work! When you do the scale, make sure the horseshoes are not selected, only the circle is selected.