Greenland 3D topography relief map unavailable?


I’m looking for a 3D file of the south region of Greenland map. SketchUp terrain export doesn’t seems to cover this part of the world (only a part of Nuuk, the capital). I need this 3D terrain map (dwg, rvt, obj, stl, …) for a architectural school project.

It’s close to Qaqortoq (south Greenland). Looks like there’s a 3D terrain relief on google earth, but when I import the terrain in sketchup it’s flat.

Any suggestion?

SketchUp gets their terrain and or satellite image data from Digital Globe so there may be areas that are unavailable. There are other sources for the data. (3.0 MB)

I use a plugin called Oob terrin to pull terrain from other sources. See what shows up for your area below. It’s not very detailed but maybe better than nothing.

You can also get some building and road date from