Gray dimensionbox

Just installed Sketchup on Windows and the Box for dimensions is locked, gray. The dimension shows but it’s not possible to change or adjust. I have no problem with the Mac-version. what to do?

By “but it’s not possible to change or adjust” you mean

  1. you cannot give focus to the dimensions box by clicking into it (which is unnecessary). You just would have to continue typing and hit enter to see that it does (should) nevertheless work.

  2. or you type a dimension into the keyboard and hit enter, but the dimensions box still neither shows what you type nor applies the change? Then this is a problem.

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At some point the Mac version did start to allow selecting and replacing text in the dimensions box. The Windows version still works the way it used to be for Mac users too. So, if the typing, Enter, works ok, then it’s behaving properly. On Mac you just get the bonus of having a choice of how you work.

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