Grass textures

can someone show how to use GRASS TEXTURES downloaded from SU TEXTURES page using bump, etc. on a MAC?

To use “bump, etc.” you need a third party rendering application or extension.

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Skip , are you asking how to get a “grass texture image” you’ve downloaded into your SU model ? Or asking how to set up bump maps in Twilight ?

in twilight

thanks. I"m using twilight

Hope these screen shots make sense…
Generally in Twilight’s Material Editor I select the “flat plastic” template for using on a grass texture. I also lower the “shine” to 2.0
Using the “SketchUp channel” is for if you don’t have a black and white bump map. Using the “Texture channel” is how you load a bump map if you have it.
Final comment, using a grass texture image even with a bump map is not goin g to give you a very realistic result. It’s just the nature of things. It’s the reason I mentioned using the Skatter plugin in one of your other posts.

Thanks, but I am trying to use this on a MAC

@tuna1957 is on Mac too…
If you zoom in, top left shows the Apple icon.


great! I missed that . I’ll look.

I downloaded some high rez grass. Now what do I pick out to paint with?

thanks! I missed that!

Import the last image as a texture into your model. Use the fourth image from the top to import into the bump channel in Twilight’s Material Editor.

thanks. Still trying to see why skatter won’t work for me. Can’t load their textures and can’t use scatter on my MAC

It might be most productive to check out the Skatter sub forum on the sketchUcation site. Might be able to find solutions and post specific questions regarding Skatter.

thanks. I"m doing that too.