Tutorial help for Mac users

Apparently all tutorials for sketchup assume you operate a pc.
For this of who use Macs are there ANY tutorials for Mac users?
I am currently trying to render some realistic grass and instructions are for pc users.

Most of the SketchUp videos are made using Mac. For rendering tutorials there may be more PC videos because some of the renderers are Windows only.

So are you saying there are NO MAC tutorials for sketchup? or even TWILIGHT RENDER?

I don’t know, hopefully other people will post suggestions.

I did find this video, for what it’s worth:

Did you read Colins response?

The SketchUp Campus is full of tutorials and courses on SketchUp and Layout recorded on Mac.

If you are looking for Twilight specific tutorials you may be a the mercy of whatever platform the person making the explanation video happens to be using. But those would not come from the SketchUp staff, although looks like Colin found at least one. At the end of the day the interface for SketchUp on Mac and Windows is not all that different.

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I use Mac and I found the Tutorials at Twilight’s website to very useful. Go on the forum to get the most access to tutorials and resources. The developers are very helpful. I’d go through all their official tutorials carefully, because they really try to cover the important parts, and if there’s something that doesn’t come across fully, ask on the Twilight forum.

You may be just who I need to talk to! Do you know how to produce realistic grass on twilight? I have been trying for over a week with no success.

Skip, short answer for getting realistic grass with Twilight you can use the Skatter plugin in conjunction with Twilight. There are a number of tutorials in the “Tutorial,Tips and Tricks” section on the Twilight forum. A second option would be putting photo images of real grass into your final render in post processing. There’s also info for doing that on Twilights forum.

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I have been trying that. However I can’t download texture.

Not sure what you mean by “can’t download texture” If your referring to using Skatter , you use a grass component out of the Skatter library or you can import your own grass component into your model. In either case the texture should already be applied to the grass component. Hard to help without some kind of visual reference.

No actually I have not worked much on real realistic grass. I think I have had some great results, for my purposes, with photographs. You can search a lot on line and if you can get the angle, distance and lighting close, it can be great effect. I use an alpha rendering from Twilight in order to define the area around my model. I use the rendering image, the alpha image, and the grass background image in GIMP, and position, color tone, and scale the color images to match.

But those who really want to get into it use Skatter.

Thanks, P B. I may just try that!

can you show me a sample?