Google KMZ

Hi i am wondering if you can use a KMZ in SketchUp 2023 how would you go about doing that. I learned how to do it in AutoCad.

I have a client that still uses google earth, and from time to time, they ask me if I could export the project in kmz so they can have a look at it in google earth.

it takes a lot of tweaking, the altitude is often approximate, but hey, a happy client is a paying client.

I’m curious about what you learned to do with it in autocad, since I’ve only ever used it in this context

KMZ is still available as an export and import format. You can view an exported geolocated model on location in Google Earth. KMZ import only imports 3D models (DAE format) that are inside a KMZ file. Other features are ignored.

I worked for a company named: FIBERTEL. They used it to put geo location points from google maps to Autocad so we can send fiber cable from a certain location to another location.