Google Earth Terrain Data OBJ for SketchUp



Or should I just delete this post entirely?


Probably a Google bot has already discovered your breach… :male_detective:

Nowadays they are everywhere (even this site loads Google)!
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By the way, you’re not seriously directing them to your house on the screenshot?


And they might be on their way to your door. Hide under your desk and don’t make a sound. :smiley:


I dunno, but this is happening now (theoretically) so…


Who is finding what, though?


good question. What’s this mean?


I don’t know. Might want to try contacting the author via GitHub.


Found (theoretically) the “model.obj” file that

was created by doing a search for .obj files across my entire computer. It was located in the folder earth-reverse-engineering->downloaded_files, but for some reason I couldn’t find it when I was clicking on the file itself. Trying to get it to open now. It’s 1gb large


That’ll be a Yuuge file in SketchUp.


Any idea what the model units should be? Inches? Feet?


No. I’d guess feet or meters.


■■■■. May have done inches. Hopefully it loads… theoretically


It doesn’t matter what units you select except if you chose the wrong ones, it’ll theoretically be the wrong size. You might as well go eat lunch now.


Guess inches was wrong lol


Theoretically loaded really fast in Blender (w/o the texture though)


What’re you’re going to do with it next?


Well, I wanna try and get the textures to work properly. The whole model turns black when it’s in texture mode and each object has to have nodes turned on manually and have the appropriate texture matched to it (hundreds to sort through). I’m sure there’s an automated way to do this, but I’m not good enough on Blender to do it. I think what’s most valuable for me is the roof top data. I’ve been modeling individual houses in my neighborhood and putting them all on a neighborhood base map

I have rough geometry for place holders (created from building footprint data on open street map), but it’s a really stupidly time consuming project. Having a file like this should allow me to reference and better mirror object placement and those hard-to-get dimensions (rooftops are the worst).

Maybe try and separate out all the tree geometry to create a canopy layer?

I dunno there’s like a lot of options it feel like

Theoretically of course


May have gotten the textures working!

SketchUp may still be loading


May have found a much smaller version of the file (covering a much smaller portion of the map). Only 29.2 mb. Can anyone get this thing to load faster? Taking an hour on this end and still circle of death


In case anyone was curious about how this turns out in Blender: