Good renderer option for £300 fairly simple to use

Hi I know this has been asked across the net many times but would like some ideas here given my workflow. I create event visuals and need to render them sometimes so they look better quality, more professional. I am using kerkythea to make renders which come out well but I find the interface and usability glitchy and a bit full on. Anyone suggest a good renderer up to about £0-£300. I dont need hugely complicated or in depth features, just to add spot lights and general simple lighting to exhibition stands etc.

I have looked at vray as it is always mentioned but is a bit costly…but should I find the extra money for it?, Thea comes up quite often as well but would love to hear any ideas…thanks in advance

Check out this forum thread: What are some great rendering extensions for SketchUp?

have a look at LightUp, works inside SU…

Why not look at Twilight ?

Thanks will have a look, after I posted I did realise it would be great if the renderer worked inside SU!

Cheers much apreciated