Going from schools to pro

I have just gone from SketchUp for schools to SketchUp pro as I needed layout.

  1. Can anyone tell me if I can delete my old account without losing all the work I have done? whenever I sign in it shows my previous account and the new one.

  2. How can I start up layout? when I go into my products it says that it comes with the pro version, but I don’t see it installed anywhere when I go to save my work and export it to layout and asks to deauthorise all my devices for layout. If I do this, will I lose everything?


You must install layout, it doesn’t install by it self when you install sketchup, there’s also another software that comes with the pro version called style builder, there you can create your own styles for visualization. I’ve never used a non pro version so I couldn’t tell you a solution for your first problem.

You should not have to delete your old account. SketchUp for Schools saves your files to the cloud. You should be able to go to that cloud storage when you sign in to SketchUp for Schools and download the SketchUp model files to your computer.

This is not true! LayOut automatically installs when SketchUp Pro is installed. There is no separate installer for it.

What operating system are you using? Presumably Windows. Your forum profile needs to be completed.

If you installed SketchUp Pro correctly you should see Send to LayOut in the FIle menu. That will open LayOut and prompt you to choose a template for your LayOut project. You should also have the LayOut icon on your desktop. Double clicking on that will open LayOut.