Glue availability

Can anyone please confirm if the Glue to and it’s attributes are available in ‘Sketchup Go’ for the Web?
Thanks, Graham

It is available in SketchUp Free, so it should be as Go is everything Free has plus some extra’s…

When I go to the search box and type in Glue nothing is found :frowning:

“Glue to” is a property of components. It is a checkbox on the create or edit component dialog.

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I’ve checked the edit component fields and still can’t see any reference to Glue - I wonder if it is only on the Pro version of SU? If anyone can copy a screenshot of it in the Go version I would be grateful

Glue > Make Component and Edit Component

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Thank you so much for helping with this and especially your video. I now know where to find the Glue menu! I also hound on the web info about having to redo the Axes to help with placement.

Yes, axis placement is very important when creating a glue to component.
Take a look at this video: Glue to - Skill Builder - YouTube

Hi Herman,

Many thanks for that. Very helpful but I wish they would go slower !

Best regards


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The good thing about Youtube is that you can go slower yourself… :wink:


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