GlobePlants Proxy Files not showing full render in Enscape

Has anyone had issues with Globe Plants imports not showing up in Enscape as full renders? The Globe Plants import fine as proxies into SU, however they still show as proxies in Enscape. I’ve discussed w/ GP reps and they state to make sure the GP file is within my C drive named as globeplants_Enscape. I’ve done this but still have the problem. I had to move my SU root files to my D drive due to space constraints in my D- I’m thinking this may be the issue?

Correction to above- I had to move my SU root files to my D bc of space constraints in my C drive.

With ‘root’ files you mean you have installed it in a different location than the standard C drive?
Or is that gardening slang:)
Did you tell that to the Global Plant guy’s?
In general, you can install on different locations than the standard C, but you might encounter problems.

Yes, I had to install my SU on my D drive as my C was close to capacity. I use AutoCAD and always place my imports/ rasters in the same folders as the .DWG files. I have been in contact w/ the Globe Plant reps. and they say it’s most likely a Enscape issue as they are the ones dictating that the files need to be in the C drive- doesn’t really make sense to me though. This must be the issue w/ the proxies not showing in Enscape. I may have to squeeze my SU files back into my C drive.