Gimbal rotation tool

Is there a plugin that can rotate an object about a fixed point in any direction, like a gimbal?

For example: The newer functionality of Thea Render spot lights allow the light to be double clicked and then handles appear so that the light can be pointed in any direction while keeping the source point fixed. Seeing this in action would suggest this could be possible with a grouped object or component? and simplify having to manually rotate in each of the 3 axes in turn to get a desired position.

You could try the strangely named 3D Rotate tool.
Or Tig’s Free Rotate.

Thanks for that, I searched, but not thoroughly enough! or used the wrong words? Tig’s free rotate seems the better tool of the two as it shows realtime feedback of the rotation. Now that I see it, I have come across it before but didn’t install at that time as I try to limit the amount of plugins, although with the newer plugins manager they can be enabled or disabled as needed?

Thanks again.