Dynamic Component, rotate around center

Hi guys,

I’m making a spotlight component that needs to rotate in any direction, with the attachment staying in place. I will have many of these in my scene, and they all need to be a blessing to rotate in a different direction.

So to make that work I’m making a dynamic component (LIGHTING DEVICE) that is nested inside another component. (SPOLIGHT_VWFL).

I can rotate the device around it’s center manually. But I want to make it easier by adding editable attributes to it. So I’ve added ‘Rotx, Roty and Rotz’ attributes to the dynamic component. But the problem I have is that the component doesn’t rotate around its center.

Is there a way to fix this in a dynamic component? Or maybe there is a different way to get this done?

Thanks in advance!


you need to place one of the rotation within an extra nesting, plus be mindful of the axis
can you upload the component?
then can advise within your context

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Creating a stage lighting Dynamic Component - SketchUp / Dynamic Components - SketchUp Community

dynamic_component.skp (327.6 KB)

Here you go!

okay. you have to bear with the time difference, I am in Tasmania Australia
unless someone else is free to help

you do need to consider the axis positions of the objects
can you indicate where and what needs to rotate

this rotates at center, there appears to be an axis I can use.
I moved the main object(s) into the attachment and assume it rotates here, matched the axis position, then passed an attribute from the parent to this object(s)

this rotates on y at center .skp (145.2 KB)

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Thanks for the help! Beautiful Tasmania! I’ve been there once in 1997. Amazing place.

I managed to solve it thanks to your help. Attached the file as I will be using it (with vray lights)

dynamic_liughting_component.skp (351.9 KB)

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