Ghost plane not deletable

Good afternoon,

I have an issue in Sketchup where a ghost plane is blocking my entry to the cellar.

This is the view from up:

However, I am also not able to select that to delete.

Help would be appreciated.

As i am unable to add more then 1 photo in a post:

This is the view from down.

When I try to draw on it:

And I am unable to select it.

As I am unaware what the information is that you require to give me tips, Ill drop my installed extensions in here:

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. I expect the problem and fix is easy enough to identify if we can see your SketchUp model.

Like requested
House (7.0 MB)

Opening it now. Note you shared the .skb back file, not the .skp model file so it may not be the most current version.

House (6.8 MB)
This is the skp file.

That’s the shadow of the adjacent wall being cast on the ground plane.

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Shadow? What do you see?

The "ghost face is due to having Shadows turned on and On Ground enabled. Turn off Shadows while you are working.

Your model needs a lot of help. Most of the faces are reversed (there should be no exposed blue back faces) and it’s almost all loose geometry. You need to learn about using groups and components.

Also you should keep your model cleaned up. Here I’ve purged the unused stuff from your file.
Screenshot - 2_6_2023 , 7_29_42 AM
House to-be purged.skp (6.3 MB)
I know it can be exciting to see your model with materials applied but it’s best if you don’t apply them until you have the geometry modeled correctly. There’s no point in painting the walls in your real house if those walls aren’t built correctly. I would suggest you go through the instructional materials at before you move on with this project. After you do that it might be simplest to start over on your hose model and build it correctly from the ground up.


Thank you DaveR.
Thank you! It is gone indeed now.

I will learn it in the near future from scratch and correctly, but I don’t have time for that currently.
On Friday we need to visit the architect with our idea how to rebuild our house and get him to work.
I am aware this is below standard compared with professional users, this is the first time I use Sketchup, but as long I get the message correct to the architect to indicate our needs it is fine by me for now.

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