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hello I’ve been using autodesk inventor before alot and now my boss asked me if I could learn him how to draw simple stuff on the computer instead of doing hand drawing all the time. So I downloaded sketchup on a 30 day trial to get to know it a bit before learning my boss, and learned pretty quick all the simple stuff. But now to the question. I have this 3d part, a simple bookshelf with parts all having their own group. looking all good but I want to get it down on a technical drawing. didn’t find any quick and easy tutorials on youtube or anywhere else.
On Autodesk inventor it’s so easy just opening up the part in drawing and you just ad dimensions. is there any similar way on sketchup? it would be really nice to get both the full drawing and then the diffrent parts to a techincal drawingbokhyllla.skp (103.0 KB)

I do this for furniture all the time. Utilize layers and scenes to create the views you need of the various parts. Then use LayOut to create the dimensioned plan for the piece. Read the Help files on using layers and scenes in SketchUp in the Help files to get started.

Upload your SKP file so we can see what you’ve got and we can give you more direction.

Here’s an example of one page of a furniture plan I did with SketchUp and LayOut. I’ve omitted the dimensions and other text for obvious reasons. This would print on Arch E paper.

Each view comes from a scene created in the SketchUp model. Some scenes get used more than once.

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Here are the steps:

  1. Create the scenes in SU you need (typically front, side, top, and section).
  2. Save file.
  3. Export to Layout.
  4. Copy the imported scene and change each scene to the ones you need.
  5. Add dimensions.

Like this:
Bookshelves.pdf (221.2 KB)

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