Geolocation without current 2021 license?

Hi: I’m a long-time but occasional and forgetful user.
I’m trying to geolocate an existing model. But when I go to Geolocate/Add Location, it says I must be logged in. But Menu Bar/User Info tells me I am logged in, with a 2019 Pro license.
Is it not possible to geolocate therefor? And, is there any other way to get digital elevation data from to help me at least slightly ground my city-lot (10,000 sf) project? To be clear: I need to both create terrain contours, and geolocate b/c I need to do shading analysis later. The model is really just a site plan right now…
Thanks for any help! I probably haven’t touched SU for a couple years, so I might have forgotten the obvious.

Try logging out of SketchUp, rebooting your computer, and then opening SketchUp again.

Please correct your profile. It says you are using SU2018.