Geo location model height

After a model is geo located, are shadows influenced by at what elevation on the Z axis the model sits? i.e. do the shadows change if the model changes in elevation on the Z axis?

Nope, the shadows are defined by a single vector meaning you can move around geometry inside the model, even hundreds of kilometers horizontally, where the shadows in real life would be different, without shadows being affected.

How much of an elevation change are you thinking of?

At least on Earth, there won’t be any significant difference in the length of shadows as the elevation changes That is, for the same latitude, the length of your shadow whether you are at sea level or at 300 meters or even 5-1/2 miles will be so close to the same as to be undetectable by eye.

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Thanks for the prompt replies, much appreciated. The model is around 300m off the ground plane so hopefully ok then.

If the object is 300m above the ground plane, the shadow of it on the ground plane will be correctly placed.

For reference, continue the upper ray in my drawing until it hits the blue circle.

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