Geo location and contours

I am trying to import a geo location and convert it to contours using the following video

I get all contours lines, but unfortunately each of them consist of set of straight lines combined with sharp angles, instead of smooth lines…

How can I get smooth contour lines?

Untitled.skp (338.1 KB)

You need a higher resolution terrain. Ie. a terrain mesh with more detail.

See below - if you turn your hidden lines on you can see your model’s slope consists of just large planes. Can you get a better terrain base model to work from?

Thank you very much for your answer !! Now I understand the reason :slightly_smiling_face:
the terrain base model is imported via Geo Location from Google Earth.
Is there a way to control the level of mesh detail which is imported?

All you have to do is get as close as possible to the terrain you want to capture for work:

  1. here are grabed two snapshots from location terrain tool
  2. here the terrains appear with their respective geometries. The more detailed terrain has so much geometry that the lines seem to come together, which shows that closer snapshots generate more geometry and so the contours will be smoother
  3. here is a more approximate view, for comparison of the geometric lines between both lands

Note: Always work with terrain from approximate snapshots as much as possible. If you want to capture a larger area of the terrain, add more snapshots of the environment, SketchUp will understand that they are new areas and will automatically add those snapshots in their proper place with their respective coordinates

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Thanks Eduardo.
I have tried to grab a 50*50 meter area, It is very small…
Yet same problem…

Can you post the coordinates of your location? To find it go to Model Info/Geo-Location:

Well you still need to zoom in as the topography “resolution” or detail is linked to how close you are to the ground. This is as close as it lets you get:

You can use the “Add more Imagery” feature to tile your terrain to make a bigger area.

The other problem is that the terrain is more detailed but still “triangulated”…which results jagged and unrealistic contours.

I used Artisan (paid extension) to subdivide and smooth the terrain to add more detail.

Then I used @TIG’s Contours extension to generate contours (shown here at 5 foot intervals) - which looks a lot smoother.

Here’s the terrain model for you tp play around with if you want. (2.9 MB)


WOWWW !!! It looks perfect !!!
Thank you soooo much for your explanations and for the file :slightly_smiling_face:


eric-s, I have tried to open the file, unfortunately no success,
because I use SU 2017, while the file was created in SU 2018.
Can you please save the file as SU 2017, and send it again ?

Thank you very much

Sent it via message.