Sketchup Sandbox Topography From Contours - Missing Some Lines

I have some contours that I traced from an AutoCAD import and the create from contours tool doesn’t seem to be working correctly. There are some locations where the planes skip contour lines. For example, they would connect contours 1 and 3 but skip 2.

Screenshots and file attached.

Sketchup Terrain Help.skp (85.6 KB)

Could you share the CAD file you started from?

By the way, I note incorrect Tag usage in your model. Untagged should ALWAYS be active.
Screenshot - 9_28_2021 , 7_59_04 AM

ALL edges and faces should be left untagged. Only objects (components and groups) should be tagged.
Screenshot - 9_28_2021 , 7_59_31 AM

Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable sharing the original CAD file, but it contains a couple flat locations, some 45° sloped areas, and a some more typical looking topo lines. I’ve attached a markup detailingContour annotations.pdf (23.8 KB)
this. Contour annotations.pdf (23.8 KB)

OK. Without the original linework you imported it’s not really possible to help you get this sorted. All I wanted was the original line work for the terrain. The SketchUp file you shared has the full CAD file imports alread. I don’t have time to devote to finding and pulling out the contours for this. Maybe someone else will have more time available.

Those CADs are all I have, I thought I deleted that geometry.

You deleted the components from the model space but you didn’t remove the components from the file. If you don’t want that out in the wild you might want to edit the post and remove the .skp file.

Thank you for explaining that. I did remove the file.

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It is not necessary to select all the contour lines at once, you can select them in pieces and create the surface that connects them for each selection. And then merge all the groups into a single grouped surface.

SU2017w.skp (203.2 KB)

Interesting… do you think that there is something about the way these lines are setup that causes the process to not run correctly when I do it all at once?

Also, thanks a ton for explaining this I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while.