Geo-locate v 2022 pro : not able to zoom and import a location?

When I goto add location : map comes up.

No way to zoom to then lock in a place?

This is what I see.



So you can zoom in with the scroll wheel on your mouse? What happens if you press the plus button in the upper right part of the screen?

Are you still using Mac OS 10.11.1 as your profile says?

Hello again Dave.

My system is now Mac OS 13.3 with M2 chip! Amazing machine.

Yes I can zoom in. But that’s it.
As I recall the last time I use this feature, I was offered two choices. One was a free map geo-locate system. The other a paid version. This choice did not come up either?

I wanted to import a map of Chicago proper. Then was going to lay a square grid over it.
Then add text. showing the north - south and east - west major street system names.
Help my grandchildren in getting around the town.

My hope was that the the drawing could be zoomed, and the resolution of the map’s detail would be good quality, and not blur.

Thanks for your assistance in this,


Please update your forum profile. It’s way out of date.

You need to zoom in until the Select Region button becomes available. If you need to cover a larger area you can add more after the first one.

That changed some time ago. After you click on
select Region you’ll get the option to choose resolution but only for images, not for maps. The paid option isn’t available through this Geo-Location feature anymore.
Screenshot - 5_30_2023 , 6_01_43 AM


I was zoomed out to far on the city map.

When I was zoomed into a certain smaller area, the option to save comes up.
Guess I have to use a smaller, but still useful map for my project.

Thanks Dave!

P S: Updated my profile and system.

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Glad you got it sorted.

FWIW, you might have a look around on the internet for a high res mapthat you can download and insert into LayOut for labeling as you need. Since you’re using Mac you can insert a PDF if that’s what you find.

Thanks for updating your profile. That’s helpful.

Layout could be more efficient for labeling and adding a grid.
PDF is okay there?

This warning is interesting. Seems that first map can be ‘alined’ automatically?

yeah. if you add a location, then add a second one, it’ll place itself properly from the first one.
in your example, you could import Rogers Park first, then add Warren State Park, and it will import it at the proper distance and location.

But as you may know, the earth is round. It’s more like a potato with dimple, but let’s say round. and the location you import are rectangles, and sketchup is flat. that’s why you get a warning message if you start going too far, you might have a small deformation, alignment mistake, from taking a portion of a sphere and flattening it.