General question about camera and object movement

So Im new to Sketchup but I’ve worked with CAD/Blender and the such in the past (By no means am I great with any of those) but Im working with Formufit products and they’ve got a library for Sketchup.

I am designing a greenhouse based off of the formufit pvc pipe and some typical garden boxes. To get started I extruded some basic retangles for the gardgen box and then use hte PVC pipe as a vertical pole along the edges.

So here is my problem. Due to the default camera angle it was REALLY tough to get the pole in position.
In apps like Blender you get a move widget that lets you pick the direction, much like the protractor works in sketchup now. So since that wasnt there, i figured lets use the default camera views (Front,Left,Top, etc) which worked fine in the end, but it seemed crazy there was no hotkey to snap to those views (Blender uses the number pad which works well).

Also I poked around for the classic 4 port view but didnt come across anyway to do that.

I obviously havent made it very far with the product but based on this alone im considering ditching the product.

Am I missing something?


I would recommend checking out these videos:

Hello. I didn’t quite get what you had trouble with, maybe because I understand better when there is visual representation but regarding the standard views, you can set shortcuts to them through Window > Preferences > Shortcuts.

- EDIT -

And yes, Aaron’s video is a good one that shows how you can move your objects around in the model. :slight_smile:

“Something that is fairly common, if you’re new to sketchup, is some frustrations with the move tool” yup he nailed it :slight_smile:

i’ll mess around with it, but that makes good sense, thanks!

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