GeForce 710 acceptable for Sketchup?

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Vray and Sketchup for the past few years, and despite my computer being quite old it works quite well (I’m using a ATI 6670, and I’m running Windows 7), but I’m now building a new PC with Windows 10.

Unfortunately there are graphic start shortages, so I’m wondering if the GeForce 710 2GB is an acceptable graphics card.
I know that ideally I should get a more powerful graphics card, but currently there isn’t any available.

Thanks in advance for all comments and suggestions.

tough all over. The 710 should get you by. Don’t expect top performance from it, in a pinch…

Thanks RLGL. That’s good to know.

I’ll try to find out if the GeForce 710 is also acceptable for Vray. If it is, I think I’ll buy one, it’s much impossible to find anything else at the moment.