Gbxml GreenBuildingxml files.....?

I’ve just downloaded the latest Beta (test) version of California’s 2019 Energy analysis software. CBECC-Res 2019 is the user friendly name they chose.
It will import models in a format I just learned about, called gbxml which is an acronym for GreenBuilding xml.
Sketchup can export to a xml format under File/Export but then I’m lost. I don’t believe that is a compatible file format, but anyone with some experience with this could throw some light on it?


You mean DAE / Collada ?
If so, this is meant to be an OpenGL compatible intermediate exchange format. Mostly graphics / compositing related.

I’d think for a direct gbXML export you’d need a export extension.

… or export as IFC and then use some other software to convert to gbXML.

A search on the Extension Warehouse for “gbXML” …

ADD: Yes gModeller sounds like the “ticket” …

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