Gather attributes from abutting Dynamic Components

Before seeking someone to do a paid job, I’m wondering if a Dynamic Component can gather attributes from other abutting Dynamic Components, even if via a script?

See image, I’m wanting to gather left and right edge details for the central component from the directly abutting jointer component!

Not as currently implemented. Only child and the parent dynamic components can be referenced.

But your request has also been requested for many years. (Ie, DCs referencing each other’s siblings.)

You might be able to by wrapping all 3 DCs in a common parent DC.


Need more detail regarding components involved, but given a sitiuation where instance names are used, one can directly reference a component useing the dropdown to deter any false references.

Given a number of openings / joints say 10-50, same component with different numbered instance names that correspond to the dropdown options

Note: the option lists can be quickly formed (ammended) in excel and coverted to to the code for inserting into DC using a vba I have

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Thanks mate, unfortunately we don’t currently use instance names, as variations in the panel are used to generate the panel naming convention ie:

  • E27 = 2700 high unmodified external panel
  • ED27 = 2700 high unmodified double top plated panel
  • 10S = No.10 Sill
  • 12L = No.12 Lintel
  • 14SL = No.14 Sill & Lintel

So adding numbers to instances most likely adds more time than just adjusting to edge settings in each panel, sadly!

The instance name only refers to the joint / opening, not the panels, it means the option dropdown needs to be placed in the panel components, this can be done quickly using the attribute inspector extension

The rectangle “joint” seems to be a block pasted on top of the components, like an opening. window or door; any component beneath needs to reference this joint by its specific instance name