Gamble House Bed

Here’s a model of a queen-sized bed based on one designed by Charles and Henry Greene brothers for the Gamble House in Pasadena, California. This is as built by Martin McClendon and was modeled for construction plans.


I had a conversation today with a fellow who is building one of these beds from my plans. He’s going to convert it to a king sized bed and wondered what it would look like if just the center panels were made wider. It only took a few moments thanks to the use of components throughout.

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One of my favorite all time houses, I made second pilgrimage to it is spring 2018. Now you’ve made me pull up my pix. I didn’t get much of beds, but there seems to be a pair of twin size ones here. Where did you get plans or reference material from?


Nice photos, sir.

I worked from pencil drawings and dimensions by the aforementioned Martin McClendon to make the plans I created. There’s a photo of the bed as built by McClendon here.

It appears McClendon left out the piercing in the panels but that would be easy enough to add.

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RT Cool I agree, one of my favorites. It is a must visit, such an amazing place. For those that cannot go there a a number of really good books about the Gamble house.
Dave, thanks for sharing another great model.