G-Suite users unable to login for HOURS with NO official response?

Really, just unbelievable.

As of 1:30 PM it seems to be back up. I understand that things break but please just try to keep users informed instead of all of us believing that we need to be ‘whitelisted’.

Continued posting and complaining on the forum certainly won’t change that. There are currently dozens of posts regarding this same issue - Do you really think that they are ignoring the issue? It will be fixed when they figure out how to fix it.

What’s really unbelievable is how impatient folks are being. Be happy that your students have access to this fantastic tool most of the time, and move on to a different project in your classes for the time being.

The impatience stems from the move to web based only, only to then have this happen. Students have projects to finish, teachers have deadlines to meet. I can understand tech can have times where it wont work. But this didn’t occur when we had software to download and install.


It seems all the 18 top posts in the forum relates to this. o.0

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Frustrating indeed, but web-based SketchUp isn’t the only available option. SketchUp Pro is available to schools for free through a government grant.

You must be a public school.


We are back up and running…try it now

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And yet, without a customer service phone line or staff, this is literally the ONLY way to report it. So really it is 100% necessary to flood the site with reports when customers have issues.

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I am not complaining about the service being down - these things happen. My complaint lies in the lack of communication. Myself and many others were hopping on this ‘whitelist’ bandwagon as there was no indication of any issues on SketchUp’s end.

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As outlined in the Trimble Support Policy for Sketchup Web, after submitting a 'Priority 1" support incident (which is a “complete loss of service or restriction of critical functionality”), you are entitled to a response within 3 business days.

To complain about a “lack of communication” after just a few hours is a bit unnecessary, and to expect an immediate support response from the provider of a FREE service is just unreasonable.


Sorry, I just got on this forum. I am in a public school and it is still not allowing my students to save their work. Is the issue still happening?

Not really. But we can agree to disagree.

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One of your most-liked posts explains how demanding free work is a rude thing to do. If it is rude to ask something for free, then is it not also rude to make complaints about work that was received for free? Beggars can’t be choosers.

My post was about freelance hourly work and is not fairly compared to this situation in any meaningful or realistic way. Trimble is a multi-billion dollar company offering global subscriptions of their software to education institutes everywhere. When this happens it affects many millions of individuals instantly.

If you’re calling these students and educators “beggars” and have no right to complain when this happens, then we are definitely in opposite camps. By your logic, this is not only to be accepted, there’s no reason to complain. Is that right?

Yes. It’s a bit naive for anyone using a FREE service to demand 100% uptime and an immediate response from support staff.

So you’re saying that students and educators are merely beggars and should just shut up and accept when their classes can’t be conducted and homework can’t be completed. I guess if it were up to you, you’d send a note to all of them letting them know they shouldn’t bother reporting issues , OR EXPECTING A TIMELY RESPONSE, because after all, they’re just beggars leeching free software, right?

Educators should be aware that web-based platforms can go down at any time, and should be able to adjust their teaching plans to suit. If students have projects that are due, the educator should take this down-time into account and push due dates forward (and if they won’t, that is an issue to be taken up with the educator or school administration). This is not the life or death situation you are making it out to be.

I never said or even implied that users shouldn’t report issues, but they certainly shouldn’t be posting in dozens different threads for the same issue. Not only does this clutter the forum, but it makes it even harder for SketchUp staff to keep track of reports and communicate regarding the solutions.

The timely response that is offered is within 3 business days. This is in the policy that is agreed upon by users of the software any time they access it.

You’re trying to make it out that I am somehow insulting the educators and students who use Sketchup for Schools, when I am not. “Beggars can’t be choosers” is a proverb that is purely metaphorical. Nobody here is a literal beggar and nobody is a leech.