Frustration trying to use tutorials when each version and OS has things in different locations

Hi, I’m new to SU and to this forum! I use Make 2017 on a Mac. I’m just wondering how people have managed to get through the bottom of the learning curve using tutorials when a good amount of the steps and pathways are not relevant to the version you’re using. I guess this might just be ‘one of those things’ where one needs to fight their way through by stopping every 15 seconds to look up a translation?

Does anyone know of good youtube tutorials (or anywhere else) that use Make 2017 on a mac? It’s mega frustrating trying to learn how to use extensions for example, when everything’s different. Maybe I’m just ranting, haha…

The bulk of the tutorials created by the SketchUp staff are done on Macs. You could go through the Fundamentals at and the videos they offer on YouTube. In reality there’s not much difference between SketchUp on Mac and PC as far as the basics go.

What translations are you looking up?

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Oh, well “equivalents” is probably a better word than translations. I mean like, where is the ‘default tray’ on a mac? (There is none.) Or where are extensions and how do they work in this version or OS? I wish I could remember more examples I’ve run into. There are always examples of this in tutorials.

And than you for the reply, I’ll definitely look at those links!

Yes. There is no “Default Tray” on Mac but thesame panels that show in the Default Tray are found in the Window menu.

As for extensions, they are installed exactly the same way and will be found in the same menus on both Windows and Mac. The vast majority of extensions will work on both Windows and Mac and in the exact same way.

Hm, okay thanks! I seemed to be running into walls a lot yesterday; perhaps I’ll have some more questions later. I really appreciate the help, I had no idea I’d get answers so quickly!