(FromtY3K!),small window with special shortcuts specifically for the Project YOU`RE WORKING AT!(+++)

Million dollar idea to surprass other modeling softwares

A small window with basic shortcuts and advanced shortcuts specifically for WHAT KIND OF PROJECT YOU’RE WORKING AT!

And the shortcuts go away once you learn them (gamification\learning program opportunity?).


Are you modeling characters for video games, making japanese temple architecure, or just modelling a new car?

Sketchup first would provide the special shortcuts that normally people use for that kind of work and ALSO+ have special thumbnails with maybe free models of more advanced geometry you can just sellect and then pull out like that(drag and drop), also a way to save your geometry and it will stick in small thumbnails you can use instead of having to sellect ALL that you want to reproduce.

Are you making Japanese Temple Architecture?You can just put AsianTempleArchitecture and they load up as many thumbnails and make something new out of the “basic geometry” they develop specially for that. it will be a new more curated 3d library.

also have compatibility with a program to make macros simply in sketchup like you have in photoshop(but more simplified and beautiful). This would allow for more advanced things to be done on sketchup
Also have people upload those macros to a database, linking this way people that want to use macros(or what i mean is automated actions you can do for achieving a specific effect ) with people that have the know-how how to use them.

I can Answer Questions about the idea.

I’m not sure whether such a simple feature would require burning a million dollar (see your username), but have you looked at Sketchup.get_shortcuts? You could make such a learning game as an extension.

Also many softwares feature a built-in shortcuts overview (in the Help menu). Some other softwares like Gimp have a feature that you can hover a menu item and type a shortcut and it will be assigned as custom shortcut, very useful for temporary project-specific shortcuts (dynamic shortcuts).

For models, see 3D Warehouse.
For macros, see Extension Warehouse.

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