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I am trying to create a mesh from contours by using a data cloud point system. It is saying that I need to select the contours to create the sandbox. I thought that you were able to create a mesh from contours by using spot point elevations. I have all of the lidar data for my current project but would like to find a way to create an accurate mesh from the point system rather than from the 10 ft contours. Any insight would be great. Thanks.

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Extension Search = “Point Cloud Importers

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Here are a few…

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I am using your points cloud triangulation and it is taking a long time to work. It is probably because my file is so large. It has 176,000 cloud points. It has been running for about 4 hours and it says it is adding triangles. How long do you think it should take? Is it an operation that I should leave overnight when I leave the office. Just let me know if you could. Like always it is a pleasure receiving your expertise. Thank you so much.


Could you PM me your points cloud SKP [no mesh] ?
I’ll test it…
Alternatively, PM the CSV from which I can made a cloud, then a mesh…

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