From A3 to A0?

Hi guys, i am having problems finding the paper size A0, i have an exam where it would be much easier to have my layout in A0. Is there any way that i can print my layout model 1:1 mm in a paper size A0.

Or is there any way i can convert the layout model into a autocad model?


You can choose A0 for the paper size in File>Document Setup>Paper. It’s the first one in the drop down list.
Screenshot - 9_13_2022 , 7_32_08 AM
If you’ve already laid out your project for A3 you will of course need to make the appropriate adjustments to the layout. After you have it ready, export to PDF and print as needed.

You can export a .dwg or .dxf file from LayOut but if it’s only so you can show the viewports at a different scale, it’s hardly necessary.