Freeze up and splat

just bought 16. really use su often. freeze up, delays and turns off unexpectedly. no other program does this. Just turn them on and use the program.

Do you submit the bugsplat info so that the SketchUp team can have a look at them?

have not actually got a splat post. Just turns off. Waiting for splat to come up so i can submit it…

Does the system turn off or does the skp file disappear? My guess would be that your system has an Intel integrated graphics adapter. Many systems with this display card setup seem to run into issues with SU particularly when running the 64-bit version.

Try uninstalling the 64-bit version and replacing it with the 32-bit version, This, hopefully, should stop the unwanted performance. Admittedly it would be preferred to operate the 64-bit v because it is purported to be faster, but I have had to resort to this “fix” in my case as well and have not seen a noticeable difference in performance.

You can read more about this issue at the following link:
SketchUp and Intel HD Graphics 5500

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have NVIDIA 950 or INTEL 5500 option. Still turns off using NVIDIA. Tried extension policy. Turned off outside connections. Like 3d and extension warehouse. Turned off hardware acceleration. Cleaned the computer. Looking at few things. Keep trying. Useless paying for the program if I do not get it to work correctly. Have a week to figure it out. Then its back to free SU 14. Refund. Worthless 700 bucks if not working correctly.

I encourage you to follow the suggestion made in my previous post. It is a relatively simple remedial approach. The issue you have encountered is related to the system hardware and not as much related to SketchUp itself. Please read the information provided in the linked thread also referenced in the linked post. (Just click on the boldfaced text below.)
SketchUp (64-bit) & Intel Graphics 5500

Note that when you apply the recommendation, you should be able to use your extensions and keep hardware acceleration active with no problem.

Did you try setting SketchUp (and other 3D applications) to run Nvidia in the “Manage 3D settings” section of the Nvidia control panel? Automatic selection (the default) usually uses Intel.


turned off ll external intel settings

returning the license. That will resolve the issue. Need to produce work. Not be playing with computer.

Did you set up your Nvidia driver properly in its Control Panel.
Have you updated to its latest driver ? [Control Panel > Device Manager]
Once it’s been set up right your issues might get resolved.

Although it sounds like a GC problem…
Another issue can arise if you did not originally install SketchUp as an administrator.
Being an ordinary user with admin powers is not sufficient to avoid issues.

Select the SketchUp installer exe icon, right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator…
If it offers a ‘repair’ option then take it.
SketchUp should then be installed properly.
Try and see.

As said in my previous post, when you have a Nvidia graphics card together with an Intel chip, the Nvidia settings should look like this:


yes. Thank you Anssi. I know about that. Did everything I know that is easy in trying to get x64 to work. Installed x32 now. Appears to work OK, so far. Wondering what SU added to the software that makes x64 inoperable. Guess I be waiting for next update in 17.

I use 64bit, with an Nvidia GC and Win10 - I have no problems…
But you need to get the settings right…

Incidentally, did you install the new 32bit version as an admin ?

In the early PR releases for W10 MS stated it would no longer support 32 bit Apps but , then they went silent on that and released with 23 App support.
Now that they have everyone hooked on W10 want to bet what will be done in the next major release??

Crinic: There are so many options for IE, graphics and SU settings the permutation and combinations are huge. Someone may know but I do not recall seeing any info from Google or Trimble the base line used for regression test.
We never would make a software drop without a 24 hr/ day 3 day regression test and early AM meeting every day to make sure problems were understood and plans in place to fix.
If you want try try further I have some suggestions and I’m sure others would add to those_ maybe even Trimble??

taken all the proper steps. x64 will not work correctly. Hopefully x32 will work OK.