Freehand line shows as multiple small lines

When drawing contours with the freehand line, some contours are one line (from beginning to end) and some other contours are made out of multiple small lines.
Is there a way to avoid the multiple lines contour?
Thank you.

Could you share a SKP file that shows that?

Is it that the freehand line is exploded into its segments?

I already deleted the file but yes, some contours are made out of multiple
segments, but some others are just one line.

Hmmm… I’ve been playing with trying to get exploded edges when drawing with the Freehand tool but I can’t make it happen. Maybe you could share an example the next time it does happen.

I just tried with all possible draw settings (Click-drag-release / Auto detect / Click-move-click(with or without continue line drawing)), but all gave me a continues curve without any separated segments.

Both the curve version as the 3D Polyline version are contiuous.
3D Polyline is obtained while holding down [Shift] when starting to draw ‘Freehand’.

Also drawing at large scale or at small scale made no difference.

Ok, I made some contours with freehand and some of them are one line and
some others are multiple lines.
Here is the skp file.
Thank you.

Freehand contours.skp (108 KB)

It looks like every time, the freehand line ended (or startet?) not exactly at the rectangle, the line gets exploded…

And an animated example…


Interesting catch @Cotty. To my mind it suggests that the exploding is triggered while handling the short segment where the line retraces the existing outer edge.

Indeed good catch Cotty. Thanks a lot. That was the reason.
The animated example makes it very clear. I didn’t have the "Endpoints"
checked for my Styles.

You can create the rectangle with construction lines as a reference for the freehand tool and draw the face (rectangle) at the end to prevent this behaviour.

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Good idea. Thank you Cotty. .