Freehand lines aren't smooth!

I was wondering if you guys could help me! I’ve been using sketchup with uni for 2 years now with no problems but I’ve recently started using it on a mac (not sure if it makes a difference) but the freehand line tool doesn’t produce smooth curved lines! the lines are segments and I can’t find a way to change the entity info of the line.

I’ve tried holding shift when drawing which produces a smooth curve but I’m unable to move it or select the line or modify it.

please help!

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Thus the name, Freehand.
Use one of the native Arc tools.
Use one of several Bezier Curve plugins available.
Here’s a simple one to start with:
Bezier Curve Tool — Extension Warehouse

• Drawing with the Freehand tool creates a Curve entity.

• Freehand + Shift creates 3d Polylines, which are not geometry unless you explode them.

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When holding down [Shift] the ‘Freehand’ tool produces an entirely different ‘sort of stubborn’ entity: a 3D-polyline which is hard to select and provides no information for SketchUp’s inferencing engine, hence no intersection.
Mac or Windows do not matter.
The tool has never produced smooth curves.


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