Are there plugins to make more precise hand drawings?

I am creating this game scenario and I am having trouble. Are there a plugin to make more precise hand drawings? I’m using the default free hand command but I need something more precise.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “more precise”. Take a look at at these for a start.

Tools on Surface , FredoSpline , Bezier Spline . All are by Fredo6

With the native Freehand tool you can hold down the Shift key. That will give you a polyline that remains as smooth as you drew it. But, it’s not a selectable line. You can get around that by doing a left to right drag with the Select tool, to make sure it is selected, then go to the Edit menu. At the bottom of the Edit menu you will see 3D Polyline, choose that, and then Explode. Now you will have a regular edge that is smooth.


Yes! thats what I needed! thank you one more time Colin!