Freehand Tool - Smoothing Modifier Key

Current Freehand Tool:

Feature request:
Hold shift while drawing freehand lines to smooth them after the mouse button is released.

P.S. I know about the bezier tools and they work excellently, but adding a smoothing option to the freehand tool might be easier for certain situations. For example, drawing artistic linework might be faster with the freehand tool than with the bezier tools. I noticed the freehand tool doesn’t have any modifier keys, so there’s room to add a smoothing modifier.

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I wish for this as well.

In the mean time I use a Fredo Plugin to smoth edges called Curvizard.


I didn’t know about this extension, so thank you for mentioning it! From what I learned in this video, you could probably draw with the freehand tool, then simplify & smooth the linework with Curvizard.

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Although I’d make Alt the modifier key. Shift is for inference locking in SketchUp.

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I agree.

Shift is reserved allready in the freehand tool, the lines will convert to non-inferencable (!) entities…

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Smoothing should just be an option of the freehand tool, and not need a modifier key. A bit like this:

I considered the slider, but I think just putting smoothing on high would be sufficient. Less to fiddle with. Option = smooth. That’s my opinion.