2023 Freehand Tool is nice


Feedback after update to 2023.
I just like Freehand tool. Actually in previous it was improved a lot for line smoothness.

It is very nice that SKP team keep improve this tool.
This tool is really make SketchUp is “Sketch” Up. It is fun to use.

Hope SketchUp team will keep developing this tool.

Freehand Tool4

Freehand Tool5

Freehand Tool13 Low

Freehand Tool14


My modeling use case of Freehand tool is to model cables.
I feel using freehand is more comfortable than using Spline tool.
If in future version this tool can fix plane XY, XZ, YZ while using it even better.

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Maybe like this. Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Free hand in 3D.skp (230.0 KB)

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There was a change in 2022, that was improved in 2023, that you may not know about. Freehand can draw over multiple surfaces.


In SketchUp for Web and SketchUp 2022, with arrow keys


Oh! I just know it. I still draw on one plane and adjust to 3d with vertex tool. Wow! This tool is really useful !

Thank you very much. This is what I really looking for !.

@mihai.s Btw, How can use check each sketch line is aligned on each plane ?
I know we can display line by axis (red, green, blue) but I never know if we also can check plane alignment. Thanks

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See if you can connect both ends with just two edges (or an arc) that is supposed to be in the same plane. To form a close loop. If that loop results in creating a face, then the freehand line is in one plane.
You need to figure out to constrain the two edges (or the arc) to the freehand plane.

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You can follow the color of the line when you draw it, or after, you can draw a line that joins two points and see if it creates a face or not.

If you use arrows (to lock), you know you’re drawing in a certain plane.


Thank you very much. This is very clear instruction and helpful tip to check if line still on flat plain during using the tool. Thanks a lot for your time !