Freehand drawing on a touch screen laptop

We would like to be able to freehand sketch on a touch screen laptop with a stylus over a sketchup file, .pdf or sketchup image within SketchUp Pro. Is this possible? Any suggestions on how to do this?
Thank you!

When I do that I export an image from SketchUp and import it into Corel Painter to draw over it. It works quite well.

Thank you Dave

“windows ink workspace” which is part of windows 10, has a “screensketch feature” so you can invoke this while in sketchup and be able to draw over the screen image. It has basic pens with different colors and a highlighter. I think it’s a default feature, mine sits in the taskbar, so its readily available. Maybe it will suffice for your needs?

Thank you!

This works beautifully!

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