I wish we had touch and pen input in Sketchup Pro and Web

Surface computers, a lot of 2-in-1 laptops, Android Tablets, iPads and Chromebooks get another feel with pen support.

Applications for drawing and painting on them are great.

3d modeling on sketchup would be great with them too.

I miss the overlay paper roll in digital sketching. It should be easy to implement, maybe use the layers in the watermark settings of the styles could be used for that

That’s a nice idea, drawing on top of the model with an image. I usually printscreen and paste on my sketching app though. Fast and easily sent by WhatsApp on these remote architectural practice we have nowadays.

However, I was thinking more on how the pen would replace the mouse and pinching on the screen would emulate zooming, etc… I would even use use the standard toolbar again to activate my tools! Some nostalgia envolved…

I also use frequently the windows snippet (screenshot) tool in preparation to sketch over it.
I have a wacom tablet, those pens are ace, detecting pressure and angle of the pen, sliding over the etched glass screen with just the right resistance.
For digital sketching, often the mentioned windows snip tool suffices. Text annotations done in Acrobat, which also serves as a multi page generator. It’s very simple and fast as you can imagine.

Nostalgia brought into 2021:

… Believe it out not, I also love stretching yellow trace across my wacom (cintiq 16 pro touch tablet)!

Eneroth Plugin ‘view scale’ allowes you to display the SketchUp model to scale (after calibration).

The wacom has a button to disable touch quickly, which is important not to alter the view by accident with finger gestures.

In a few clicks I am ready to draw with a soft felt pen directly over SU, bypassing paper printing! Once I have explored enough and made up my mind, I slide off the trace and implement the design change.

For scaled drawings I’m using Layout to export pdf files and then I sketch on top of them with an app called Concepts.

This app can then export again to dxf, svg and pdf, all in vector format and into the same scale, to use in other places or send to engineering, clients and consultant teams.

I also use the app to sketch on top of printscreens as I can dump a lot of files into it’s infinite canvas and draw with great freedom.

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