Free Version Q & A

Newbie in SketchUp 2021. For the free web version…is there an expandable Tool Tray?


There is clearly one on the right side of the window.

The functions in the different tabs here are limited, but some can only be accessed via this tray, so it pays to learn what each tab can do.

Are you asking whether there are more trays for all the other tools? No. Everything is either in the default toolbar on the left, or in right-click context menu that appears near your mouse.

Or so it seems. In fact, the most powerful way to access functions in Web is the Search button in the toolbar. You can find and assign a hotkey to any tool or function from there.

I downloaded the fundamentals exercises today also and the only tools available on the left side are orbit, pan, zoom, zoom window, zoom extents, previous, look around and walk. There are no other tools such as push/pull, move, erase, paint, measure, etc. I am up to course 3 and I am not able to practice in the downloaded exercise.

Yes. Those tools exist on the left side. Each of the buttons you see down the side expand out into more tools when you click on them.

You are correct for Sketchup WEB, but the downloaded exercises do not have them.

What are you using to open the downloaded exercises? They are SketchUp model files. The model files don’t contain the tools. The tools are in the program itself.

Show a screen shot of what you are seeing.

So you aren’t using the web version at all. Your screen shot comes from the Viewer.

Open it in SketchUp Free instead of the viewer.

Here’s how to open the downloaded Fundamentals models in Web. Which depends on your actually using SketchUp Free / Web as your thread said at the start.

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 13.07.53

Brian, thank you. I will work on it.