FredoCorner Size Limitation



I am trying to used FredoCorner to make a super complicated detail. I have blown up the piece I am working on to 120: 1 scale. (as in 9.5" turned into 95’) This is a good way to avoid a lot of the problems with sketchup not wanting to work with curves or in small dimensions. Do I have to scale it back down to use FredoCorner?

It keeps telling me that “Offset [7 1/4] is probably too large; Consider reducing it.”


Upload an example file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.


My guess would be that the offset specified to FredoCorner would cause the resulting new edges to self-intersect because of a relatively small curvature in the path to be rounded (rather than the absolute scale of the geometry). Edited to clarify: if a large offset is specified to be applied to a path with small-radius curves, the resulting rounding will hit itself. Think of using a half-inch round-over bit in a router to follow around a corner that has a quarter-inch radius. As the bit shaves off material at the tight corner turn, it will overlap with freshly-cut areas on the upper inside of the newly-formed chamfer.


I have experienced the same error message on scaled up models - I just ignored it and there was no problem.


That might be a good guess. It is not a very curved edge.


I see it now. It does not like that it is running into another face it is not a self contained object. I guess I will have to use follow me or something.